MLGW threatens to disconnect apartment complex in North Memphis, leaving residents confused


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some residents at a North Memphis apartment complex are frustrated after they say they received utility disconnection notices from MLGW, despite their bills being current.

Tenants at the Cypress Gardens Apartments said everyone was confused, including the landlord, after receiving disconnection notices when they are paying their bills on time.

“I’m like, I just paid my bill last week,” said one resident, who did not want to be identified. “How is it that you’re about to shut off all the lights and the water?”

MLGW sent out a notice addressed to all the tenants saying, “circumstances require termination of MLGW’s current business relationship with your landlord.” The notice also states services at the complex will be disconnected next Tuesday.

People who lived at the apartment complex said they have reached out to their landlord but are not getting any answers. A representative with MLGW said the property pays the water bill for the tenants.

But the landlord denies those claims. The landlord said tenants pay their utilities, so it is unclear why MLGW sent out the notice.

After talking with MLGW directly, the landlord said the issue was regarding a sewer area that was never transferred to the current management. The landlord said they recently changed management, but never got the sewer account.

The landlord said the payment is already in progress to MLGW and should be final Wednesday. She added that no one was in jeopardy of having their lights or water disconnected.

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