MLGW says power restoration finally complete 11 days after severe storm


Photo: WREG

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Power should finally be back on for everyone!

MLGW announced Wednesday it has finished restoring power to all customers who lost it during the severe storm on Memorial Day weekend.

The May 27 storm included hurricane-force winds, which caused a lot of tree-related damage and knocked down power lines.

It knocked out power to 188,000 customers, making it the third-largest outage in Shelby County history. The amount of contract overhead crews and tree-trimming crews MLGW said it used was also unprecedented, at 101 and 78, respectively.

MLGW worked nonstop and even brought in crews from out of state to help in the restoration efforts. Those out-of-state crews are now headed home.

MLGW estimated the total cost of the restoration is about $15.1 million.

But storm recovery efforts aren’t finished yet. Next up for MLGW is fixing damaged street-light infrastructure and dealing with disposal of materials.

The utility said it will also file for reimbursement from FEMA.

MLGW said smart meters and automated switches, once fully installed, will allow the utility to respond faster to major outages.

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