MLGW prepares for downed trees, flooding during severe weather


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW is preparing for severe weather to cause downed trees and flooding in the Mid-South over the weekend.

WREG weather experts predict heavy storms will hit much of the mid-south early Saturday morning.

MLGW’s Vice President of Community and External Affairs Gale Jones Carson says they have several crews on standby in the event of severe weather.

“We will have at least 30 tree trimming crews on standby because we do expect some trees to come down if we have the storm that’s predicted,” Carson said.

Carson says that with high winds in the forecast, they are expecting power outages, especially in areas with a lot of trees.

“Also, we may have some downed power lines and if we have downed power lines, we ask our customers to please report them,” Carson said. “Don’t go anywhere near them, and make sure children don’t go anywhere near them because people can get hurt.”

The city of Memphis is also preparing for severe weather. Public Works director Robert Knecht says they will also have crews on standby in case flooding becomes an issue.

“We have crews inspecting our drainage system, cleaning our drainage system. Making sure that system is functioning properly,” Knecht said.

If you do experience an outage, please report it to MLGW by calling 901-544-6500. To report gas leaks and downed electrical wires to MLGW, please call 901-528-4465.

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