MLGW officials say they are “optimistic,” as the city-wide water crisis is improving


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The President of MLGW says we’re approaching the home stretch in addressing water pressure issues and lifting the boil water advisory.

MLGW’s president says if our water system was a patient in the hospital, our condition has moved from the ICU and is beginning the process of being discharged.

“Overall I’m optimistic that we’re certainly in the home stretch now and about to be in a great position here in the next couple of days or so,” J.T. Young, MLGW President and CEO, said.

MLGW officials say a graph that was created, shows its making progress each day in addressing water main leaks and other issues impacting the city’s water pressure that prompted a boil water advisory to be issued last week.

Things are progressing so well MLGW officials say they started the testing needed for that boil water advisory to be lifted.

They took samples on Monday and will continue that Tuesday and Wednesday.

“If the water has pressure in it we’re definitely going to test it, and we’re actually testing the areas where we’ve got the lower pressure because that’s typically where you might see the problem to see if we got the areas that could be the problems, but we haven’t seen any so far,” Nick Newman, MLGW VP of Engineering and Operations, said.

MLGW officials say they expect the most recent samples to indicate the same. There’s up to a 24-hour turnaround for those results from the state. That’s critical, as MLGW officials look to having an update on lifting that advisory later this week.

“We want to make sure the water quality is safe for everyone in the system. As you can imagine this is a large system. It takes a lot of samples and a lot of effort so I think the significance is we’re moving closer to the end of this crisis,”  David Money, Environmental Fellow, TDEC, said.

A lot of you have had questions about your upcoming MLGW bill. MLGW says it will work with customers on a one time leak adjustment to reduce the water portion of your bill.

This is separate from any payment plans.

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