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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Seven meter readers for MLGW have been fired, and one has been ‘indefinitely suspended’ for giving false meter readings.

According to MLGW, “Recently-installed smart meters led to the detection of false readings.”

The utility confirms one meter reader faked at least 15,000 readings.

We are told one meter reader can read more than 700 meters in one day.

“Not only do they need to be terminated, they need to be prosecuted, they’ve broken the public trust,” said council member Myron Lowery.

The union representing the meter readers call it all a lie, and says MLGW is trying to build public trust in smart meters.

“MLGW has given no proof these meter readers did anything wrong,” said Bill Hawkins, union assistant manager.

All of the employees who were disciplined have filed grievances with their union.