MLGW: It may take more than a week to fully restore power


Tree down in Orange Mound.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Severe weather pummeled the mid-south Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service reported damage spanning from Arkansas to Mississippi to due to straight line winds.

Memphis Power Outages

Memphis Lights Gas and Water said it could take more than a week to fully restore power.

The utility company reported over 147,000 customers across the area without power. It said over 100 hundred circuits were blown, and it is working to restore power to those people.

MLGW said it will repair any damage to its substations first, to bring circuits online. Then it will shift its focus to restoring power to water pumping stations, hospitals and other priorities, critical to public health and safety.

The utility company will then begin working on areas with the greatest concentration of outages. If there are trees lying on power lines, contracted tree trimming crews must first clear the debris.

MLGW confirms it is bringing in 10 crews to help with power recovery Sunday, and it expects to bring in 30 more Monday. Those crews will come for East Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Ohio.

If you and your family are sitting in the dark, customers should call 901-544-6500 to report outages.

Mississippi Power Outages

In North Mississippi, Entergy reports multiple outages due to storm damage as well. The company says it is working to restore electricity to all of its customers.  So, far we have not received any reports of injuries or deaths due to severe weather.

If you and your family are sitting in the dark, customers should call 1-800-368-3749 to report outages.

Downed Trees (Memphis)

As for the Public Works Department for the City of Memphis, it said it has dispatched crews to remove trees from blocking city streets.

So far, the department has received reports of over 100 trees down blocking city streets.

The department said it expects tree clearing to take one to two days to complete.

To report a tree blocking city streets, residents can contact the Office of Emergency Management at 901.636.2525.



Tree down in Orange Mound
Fallen Tree Blocking Residential Street. Between Cromwell and Bishops Bridge

Tree down a Mclean and Poplar

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