MLGW issues warning about scam targeting customers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When the weather gets hot in Memphis, there aren’t many things more important than having access to power and water, but a Memphis-based scam is preying upon just that.

Customers have been getting a call from a 901 number posing as an MLGW employee.

“I picked up the phone and they were like, ‘Would you like to pay your MLGW bill online?’ But I know that MLGW never calls you or asks for a payment, so I kind figured it was strange,” resident Shaun Williams said.

“This is just something that we don’t do. So when customers do receive those calls, they should immediately call MLGW, call our general number, and let them know what’s going on,” MLGW’s Vice President of Community and External Affairs Gale Jones Carson said.

MLGW has been very active on social media trying to get in front of the scam. A warning message was posted on various platforms, but the threat is still concerning for residents.

“A lot is going on in the world today man. It’s kinda scary for someone to scheme you. You might as well just rob me for no reason,” customer James Brown said.

If you receive a call or believe you might have a problem with MLGW, the best way to handle it is always to make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy employee.

“They can come in or call, and MLGW will let them know we did not make that call, because we don’t make those kind of calls. So we do want to make it easy for our customers,” Carson said.

Written by: Peter Fleischer 

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