Missouri HOA, family battle over sick girl’s playhouse

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. β€” One child’s playhouse is causing quite a big controversy in one Missouri neighborhood.

Six-year-old Emma Goolsby has an autoimmune disorder that has already tried to claim her life once. Everyday she goes into her pink playhouse to escape from the world and for her breathing treatments, her grandmother Bobbie told KSHB.

It’s a place she feels comfortable and can simply be a kid, but all that could soon change.

Last week, the Rockhill Home Owners Association sent a letter to the family saying their pink playhouse would have to go because it violates their no shed policy. However, they told the news station “it does approve of most wooden play sets, but the playhouse remains in violation of its rules.”

They didn’t specify on what makes this one unique.

The family told the news station they and their realtor even asked the homeowner’s association before they purchased the home if they could bring the structure. They reportedly said yes. Now they’re singing a different tune, the family said, saying if the structure doesn’t go, they’d see the family in court.

In an email to KSHB, the association stated they have asked the family to remove the structure multiple times without any success.

“We would prefer not to take legal action but will move forward if not resolved.”

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