Mississippi Task Force One heads towards Gulf Coast ahead of Hurricane Sally


DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Mississippi Task Force One is headed towards the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Sally is closing in and expected to make landfall soon.

Right now, Mississippi Task Force One is the latest rescue unit headed to help folks in the eye of Hurricane Sally. The North Mississippi part of the Task Force sent 6 boats and several members towards the gulf where winds are already kicking up.

“Our 16-person water rescue package just arrived into Hancock County in the last 30 minutes,” Ben McMinn, of the Mississippi Task Force One, said. “They are currently preparing their equipment for rapid deployment as needed for any rescues that may be taking place around here in the county.”

That could mean rescuing people after the storm hits land Wednesday morning.

“Any low-lying area that may be experiencing flooding, with any citizens that stayed behind not anticipating a large event. They become trapped and need rescue,” McMinn said.

Mississippi’s governor said they are expecting plenty of water with this storm.

“We are expecting significant amounts of rain as much as 10 inches of rain or more,” Tate Reeves said.

The governor said while Sally moved to the east overnight, Mississippi will still get the brunt of the storm.

“If you are south of Jackson and particularly if you are south of Hattiesburg, prepare now. Now is the time to prepare,” Reeves said.

The storm is currently a Category 2. Gov. Reeves said the state is opening all shelters for those who need help. Additionally, he is encouraging residents to pay close attention to the latest weather reports.

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