Mississippi River at Tunica crests, Fitz Casino remains closed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — From the air, it’s easy to see the problem. Flood water put a strangle hold on Lucky Lane, the road leading in and out of Fitzgerald’s Casino and Hotel.

Fitzgerald’s, while still high and dry, closed out of concern for employees and patrons driving on the road. On Wednesday, crews with Tunica County trucked in tons of dirt to rebuild some of the road’s shoulders and create a dam to keep water from causing any more erosion.

In the meantime, casino patrons are still being turned around at the roadblock that’s manned by casino security and Tunica County deputies.

“We’d thought we’d swing by and stay the night here at the casino, and we just find out that it’s closed,” Florida visitor Aracelis Monserrate said.”We didn’t know it was flooded. We just found out now that it’s flooded and it’s a surprise to us.”

It’s also a big let down for Fitzgerald’s regulars, like Jerry Hartman. “Wednesday is the day we come out her to have our lunch. We spin the wheel and get a chance to win a free dinner or something,” he said.

Flood water from the Mississippi River closed the Tunica River Park and created challenges for wildlife as well. Near Hollywood Casino, we spotted more than two dozen deer searching for food on muddy farmland.

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