Mississippi Prepares For Winter Storm

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(Lafayette County, MS) Many schools have already cancelled classes for Tuesday, including Mississippi State University, the University for Women, and even Monday night’s tutoring sessions at Oxford schools.

Many others are waiting to see what the weather brings, but road workers don’t have that luxury.

Grocery stores stayed busy in Batesville as people prepared for a winter storm.

”I hope it is not coming but I’m getting prepared in case it does,” said Gerri Suggs of Oakland, Miss.

She’s got groceries, propane, everything she needs.

Now, she’s just hoping the roads don’t get to bad.

That’s why Mississippi’s Department of Transportation is standing by, ready to keep people moving.

District Engineer Mitch Turner expects the worst weather to the south.

“Currently we’re busy on that I-55 area from Batesville, south to our district line which is the Holmes-Carroll County line just south of Vaiden.”

That’s where you’ll find trucks laying down that salty brine solution that melts the wintry mix.

Workers took big chunks of rock salt, and mixing it with water to form that briny solution they spread on the roads to keep ice and snow from sticking.

And those trucks laid down thick layers of the stuff, all along I-55 and across Highway 6.

Turner expects the worst weather to hit along Highway 82, south of Grenada, near Wynona.

“We have probably, in the neighborhood of one hundred fifty people on standby. Most of our folks in the Maintenance Division will be on standby.”

An army like that gives Suggs a little confidence, because she’s a little concerned.

“I am, because I work nights, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. So, I’m very concerned about the roads.”

Transportation workers will concentrate on the most heavily traveled roads.

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