Mississippi police standoff ends peacefully after more than four hours

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OXFORD, Miss. — A more than four-hour standoff ended peacefully in North Mississippi, as one woman recovers from a gunshot wound and her attacker faces charges.

An already gray, stormy day in Oxford could’ve been much worse following the long standoff.

Oxford Police said they got a call around 1:30 a.m. Monday after a woman, who had been shot, showed up to Baptist Memorial Hospital in North Mississippi.

Thankfully, the woman is expected to be OK, but officers were tasked with tracking down the person responsible.

Officers found 36-year-old Jodie Jacobs at a home in Countryview Village. They set up around the home he was inside, but Jacobs refused to come out.

“The credit goes all to our crisis negotiators on this one,” Oxford Police Captain Hildon Sessums said. “He wouldn’t make contact with us at first, but eventually we were able to talk to him.”

Officers talked to him for hours, and Jacobs eventually surrendered.

He’s facing charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault. He’s awaiting his bond hearing.

Sessums said the tense situation could’ve been much worse and highlighted the importance of officer training for these scenarios.

“Crucial, I mean it’s all about de-escalation,” he said. “You never know where a person is at in their emotional state at that time, and it’s all about balance. We wanna get their agitated state down to a calm level where they can comprehend what we’re talking about. You hope you never have to use it. It’s great that we have practiced, that we have used it before and training so that when these types of situations arise, we are prepared.”

Police said they’ve been called to the home before but would not say for what.

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