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MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A Mid-South plumbing and septic company is dealing with a mess after one of its portable bathrooms was stolen from a work site earlier this month.

Portable bathrooms go to a variety of work sites and live events, but they always go to a location where they’re needed, and provide an essential service.

“It keeps them comfortable and everything. That’s one of the things we try really hard to provide a very nice unit, clean,” said Jennifer Bennett with ABC Plumbing and Septic Service.

The company is a family-owned business in north Mississippi who recently provided portable bathroom units for a company installing high-speed broadband internet. Doing routine checks at the off Highway 309 earlier this month, they were shocked at what they found, or didn’t find.

 “I pull up to the site, and I don’t see my toilet,” said Braden Bennett.

Portable restrooms like this one weigh about 100 pounds, and are clearly labeled. So you can imagine ABC’s shock when one of their stalls was stolen, seemingly vanished into thin air.

“I was frustrated because it’s just pointless, you know?” said Jennifer Bennett. “I was hoping it was a joke, but it wasn’t.”

ABC has leaned into the theft, posting a BOLO alert on social media, and even offering a reward to get their portable bathroom back. The amount of bathroom humor on the posts is as one might expect, but it’s been effective in sharing the story.

At more than $600 per stall, the company isn’t not even interesting in pressing charges on the toilet thief.

“I mean seriously, come to me, call me, I’ll pick it up, or put it back at that site. You know where you took it from,” said Jennifer Bennett.

If you have any information about this story, contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at 256-571-7851.