Mississippi mother without heat with 4-month-old son

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CORINTH, Miss. — A Mid-South mother is hoping for heat as she tries to keep her 4-month-old son warm in the chilly weather.

After not getting any answers from her gas company, Sheena Fellie reached out to WREG for help.

A mother’s natural instinct is to protect her children, which is why Fellie’s house is filled with space heaters after her heat stopped working.

“Very concerning considering I’m that mama bear who will do anything to protect my child and to make sure he’s healthy, happy and safe,” Fellie said. “He deserves a warm home.”

She said Bell Gas brought a tank with gas to her home last month, but it hasn’t worked since. And she doesn’t know why.

“We’ve called them every day,” Fellie said. “Like yesterday they said, ‘We’ll be out today,’ and no one ever came. We’ve called, and I’m like, it’s 30 degrees outside. My son has to have heat.”

With temperatures expected to drop lower next week, she needs a solution.

When contacted by WREG, Bell Liquefield Gas said they were limited when they initially dropped off the tank.

“We did a pressure test, but no one was home, so we left it off at the tank because we have to inspect it,” company spokesperson Jimmy White said.

Now that they’ve looked into it further, they’ve discovered some issues preventing the heat from working.

“The lines on the inside that you couldn’t see under the heaters are not legal,” White said. “So we’ll have to change those before we can turn the gas on. That’s where we’re at, and we’re going to do it but we’re behind.”

The company said the delay was caused by recent storms and a cold snap, increasing work orders.

But their response was unacceptable for a worried mom still waiting on heat.

“He could get sick,” Fellie said. “You can’t have a 4-month-old baby freezing in a house. That’s not acceptable, and we’ve been dealing with them all October, and it doesn’t take that long to get heat in a house.”

Since WREG contacted the gas company, they went to the family’s home and said repairs should be done by Monday.

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