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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Storm damage in Middle Tennessee is affecting families across the Mid-South including a Southaven, Mississippi man whose grandchild is missing after getting swept away by flood waters.

Chris Hixson drove to Waverly, Tennessee for the second time in three days Monday searching for his missing grandson.

“Praying for a miracle,” Hixson said.

He says 2-year-old Kellen Burrow-Vaughn was swept from his apartment around 7 am Saturday. Kellen’s parents scrambled to get to their five children to safety.

“One moment there was a little bit of water coming up through the door and then the next thing you know the surge was so strong that it actually busted the doors down,” Hixson said, “(Kellen) just happened to be in the back bedroom asleep and they couldn’t get to him fast enough.”

Hixson assisted with search efforts Saturday night and returned Monday to continue looking.

“I mean, it’s a devastating time,” he said.

The child’s name was confirmed in a list of missing persons released by the Waverly Department of Public Safety. Four people are listed as missing, although authorities there said Tuesday that one of those victims has been located.

Many families lost everything, which is why workers at Southaven RV are collecting donations.

“Water, personal hygiene items, stuff like that,” employee Joe Underwood said. “Trash bags, you name it. There’s some cookies in there. Even dog food.”

The company plans to fill a trailer with as many items as possible and deliver the goods Friday.

“It’s important because we’re a family-owned business and we want to help out families no matter where it’s at,” Underwood said, “But this one hits a little closer to home seeing as how one of our own’s grandchild is still one of the missing.”