Mississippi man charged with murder after human remains located at Riverside Marina


Albert Johnson

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mississippi man was charged with murder after human remains were located at the Riverside Marina in October 2019.

On October 21, Albert Johnson, 24, of Olive Branch was arrested on first-degree murder in perpetration of a roberry, especially aggravated robbery, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence charges in connection to the death of Baba Said, 20, in July 2019.

According to information released by police, Said was last seen leaving the 1300 block of East Raines Road at 1 p.m. on July 3 in a 2005 black Honda Accord. That vehicle was found abandoned on the interstate the next day, prompting police to open a missing persons case.

Authorities issued an alert to the media about Said’s disappearance on July 5, stating he may be with a 15-year-old runaway. At the time, they said both individuals may be in danger.

The next day, that juvenile turned herself in to police. She claimed that she met Said at a home on Amarillo Street and that he had tried to kidnap her. She fled from his vehicle and called her friend Jalen Braden to pick her up.

Authorities noted that Braden lived at that home on Amarillo Street.

On July 9, officers with the Missing Persons Bureau went to Braden’s home where they discovered that a couch with blood stained cushions had been moved to the curb. Inside the home, investigators found a cleaning rag and a bottle of bleach along with additional blood spots in the living room.

Foul play was suspected and additional officers were called to the scene.

When questioned by authorities, Braden admitted that he and the juvenile lured Said to the house to rob him. He took Said’s car keys and $20 before shooting him once in the back of the head.

On Monday, WREG learned both suspects claimed that Johnson gave the murder weapon to Braden.

Braden stated he then wrapped the victim in black garbage bags and threw him in a ditch near Goodman Street and Healey Avenue.

Said’s remains were located on Treasure Island near McKellar Lake in October 2019.

In October 2020, police said Johnson was brought in for questioning in regards to complaints that he raped and got a minor pregnant. He was then transfered from the sex crimes office to homicide where authorities say he admitted to being at the home during the robbery and murder. He said he helped place Said’s body in garbage bags, placed him in the back of a vehicle and then dumped his body in a drainage ditch.

He also admitted to moving the bloody couch to the street, police said.

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