Mississippi man accused of spying on neighbors through their bedroom wall

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OXFORD, Miss. – – An Oxford, Mississippi man is facing a serious charge after being accused of being a peeping Tom. Police say 44-year-old Gary Morris cut a hole in his neighbor’s bedroom wall and used a camera to record them. 

It happened around nine Friday night on Christman Drive when residents discovered a camera lens coming through that bedroom wall. Investigators won’t identify the victims or give an exact location but Vinnie Lukaszeski says it happened at a duplex next to where he lives. He also says the victims are a young couple and believes one of them attends the University of Mississippi.

“There’s a line,” Lukaszeski said, “There’s a moral line and once you start invading someone’s privacy that’s a big issue and that needs to be taken very seriously.”

Police say they searched the home next to the victim’s and found a camera on the end of that lens. Investigators say it belongs to Morris. He was arrested and charged with voyeurism but police haven’t released any details on what he allegedly recorded. At this point, investigators also haven’t said how long they believe Morris was spying through the bedroom wall.

“You’re spying on a couple,” Lukaszeski said, “So, both parties feel violated.”

Morris was taken to jail and given a $10,000 bond. Lukaszeski says anyone who would allegedly spy like that needs to get help.

“You need to get to the root of the issue and find okay, do they have a mental issue?” Lukaszeski said, “We need to fix that issue. We need to go into a rehabilitation process and not just punishment.”

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