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State of Mississippi Governor:

Phil Bryant   472,197 66%

Robert Gray 227,400  32.1%

Shawn O’Hara 9,835 1.4%

Attorney General:

Jim Hood         389,105    55%

Mike Hurst     317,748  45%

Lieutenant Governor:

Tate Reeves 426,119   61%

Tim Johnston   251,045   36%

State Auditor:

Stacey Pickering   449,405    64%

Jocelyn Pritchett  240,596   34%


Secretary of State:

Delbert Hosemann    433,288    62%

Charles Graham     248,481   35%


State Treasurer:

Lynn Fitch    505,452   79%

Viola McFarland   132, 602    21%


Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce:

Cindy Hyde-Smith     410,530   61%

Addie Green            244,051   37%

Commissioner of Insurance:

Mike Chaney    Uncontested


Public Service Commissioner Northern Dist.:

Brandon Presley


Transportation Commissioner Northern Dist.:

Mike Tagert

District Attorney District 1:

Arch Bullard

District Attorney District 11:

Brenda Mitchell


District Attorney District 3:

Benjamin Creekmore


District Attorney District 17:

John William Champion


State Senate District 1:

Chris Massey


State Senate District 2:

David Parker


State Senate District 4:

Rita Parks


State Senate District 5:

J.P. Wilemon, Jr.


State Senate District 7:

Hob Bryan


State Senate District 9:

Gray Tollison


State Senate District 10:

Bill Stone


State Senate District 11:

Robert Jackson


State Senate District 13:

Willie Simmons


State Senate District 19:

Kevin Blackwell


State House District  1:

Lester Carpenter


State House District 2:

Nick Bain


State House District 3:

William Arnold


State House District  4:

Joseph Steverson


State House District 5:

John Faulkner


State House District 6:

Dana Criswell


State House District 7:

Steve Hopkins


State House District 8:

John Lamar


State House District 9:

Cedric Burnett


State House District 10:

Nolan Mettetal


State House District 11:

Lataisha Jackson


State House District 12:

J.P. Hughes


State House District  13:

Steve Massengill


State House District 24:

Jeff Hale


State House District  25:

Dan Eubanks


State House District 28:

Robert Foster


State House District 40:

Ashley Henley


State House District  45:

Michael Evans


State House District 52:

William Kinkade



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