Minnesota mom sues over child’s transgender change

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ST. PAUL, Minn. — A transgender Minnesota teen is receiving medical treatment to complete her transition to female without her parent’s permission.

Now the teen’s parents say the treatment is not legal because she’s not a legal emancipated minor.

“I love him unconditionally, and I mean that, unconditionally!” her mother Anmarie Calgaro said.

When her son was 15, he decided to transition into a female.

According to Calgaro, that decision to transition genders is not what concerns her.

She says St. Louis County and other agencies have disregarded her parental rights and started treating her now 17-year-old child as emancipated without her consent.

“If he changes his mind in the future, these — and not that he will, and that’s not what this is even about.”

The suit claims that Park Nicollet Minneapolis Gender Services and Fairview provided the child with what the state calls non-emergency medical treatment for transgender services.

Calgaro’s lawyer, Erik Kaardal, claims the school district and St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services have usurped Calgaro’s parent rights.

“Anmarie doesn’t have any right to notice and to be heard in court,” Kaardal said.

Minnesota Child Protection League President Michele Lentz is in full support of Calgaro taking her complaint to court.

She says treating the child as an adult, without a court order, is a serious violation.

“They are financing and prescribing dangerous hormonal drugs and prescription narcotics to a minor without his mother’s knowledge, involvement or consent,” Lentz said.

Calgaro is concerned her child is moving too fast.

“Nobody even at 20 years old would go back and make the same decisions as they would at 16, I mean I can’t imagine any of you in this room would go back and go, ‘Yeah, I was proud of that moment in my life.'”

Calgaro claims in her lawsuit that she’s not being given the right to refuse this unofficial emancipation.

“So what we need is a federal court decision saying that Anmarie’s federal due process rights have been violated because her parental rights are a fundamental right, protected under the United States Constitution, and she is entitled to a hearing,” Kaardal said.

Kaardal says this situation interferes with Minnesota’s strong family legal traditions and expressed concern, after speaking to a medical professional, that this happens regularly.

“I care so deeply for my son, I want to be involved in this process,” Calgaro said.

The suit is being filed electronically and will most likely be heard in the St. Louis County court.

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