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OAKLAND, Tenn. — A Millington police officer is off the job, accused of threatening a man’s life at a tow shop in Oakland.

WREG has learned William “Robert” Redditt was suspended without pay following a commotion at Earl’s Garage in Oakland Monday morning.

Employees said Redditt couldn’t figure out how to open the front door when he brought his truck in to get it fixed. That’s when he reportedly became irate, threatened an employee and said he would blow them up.

Moments later, he reportedly reached into his truck like he was grabbing a weapon.

Employees called the cops.

Redditt was arrested for aggravated assault, but hours later, the charge was bumped down to simple assault.

But the story doesn’t end there. It turns out Redditt is a Fayette County School Board member who ran for Oakland mayor last election and a Millington Police Officer.

“He’s innocent until proven guilty, but they need to figure out what happened.”

Folks were bothered to hear what happened.

“An officer should be set to a higher standard,” said resident Sherry Anderson. “They should be a role model. Kids look up to him.”

We went to Redditt’s home and emailed him, but he never responded.

Even though he’s facing a misdemeanor, Millington Police said they are not taking this lightly. He was suspended without pay pending an investigation.

People at the tow shop told us officers on the scene claimed Redditt smelled like alcohol, but we have yet to confirm that with Oakland police.

We do know officers never found a weapon in his car.