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(Millington, TN)  According to Kathy Webber she attacked and beat her disabled daughter Shaneka.

In a confession to police Webber said she hit her daughter in the head with a fire extinguisher several times until she died.

Police say Webber never called for help and tried to cover up the murder by hiding her bloody clothes in the bathtub wrapped in a blanket.

“She seemed like a normal person to me! I mean you never know what might have happened she may have done it in a fit of rage!” said neighbor Carl Holland.

“I don`t like it worth a damn if you want to know the truth because is supposed to be the best trailer park in Millington,” said Holland.

Joshua Stewart says he always thought Kathy Webber was a nice lady and shocked by the news, “It`s actually really surprising knowing the fact that someone was murdered just down the street from where you live.”

Neighbors also say they never saw Shaneka and may not see Kathy Webber for a while. She’s is in jail and no bond has been set.