Millington man arrested after bar incident, sending deputies to the hospital


Dustin Oliver

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Millington man was taken into custody after deputies said he caused a scene outside a local bar and sent several of their officers to the hospital with injuries.

Dustin Oliver was charged with several counts of simple assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting official detention and having a prohibited weapon after the reported incident at the Shake Rag Bar over the weekend.

According to deputies, they were called to the establishment after the staff reported some “trouble makers” on the premises. By the time they arrived, the owner said the individuals had left.

Moments later, deputies said they heard a cry for help outside the bar and responded.

That’s where they said they found Dustin Oliver. He was highly intoxicated, screaming profanities and making verbal threats of harm, deputies said. They said they tried to de-escalate the situation with the suspect and that’s when he jumped in the back of Ram vehicle.

Several people offered to give the suspect a ride, police said, but Oliver became irate, screaming and yelling. He then stood up in the back of the car and told a deputy to “take off that badge and I will whip your a**.” While saying this, officers said he was trying to climb out of the back of the vehicle.

Deputies said as they were trying to take him into custody, Oliver tense up, refusing to be detained. That reportedly led to a brief struggle after which Oliver reportedly began spitting. His saliva landed on one of the deputies and that’s when he reportedly claimed to have AIDS. He later stated that statement was false, but deputies said they aren’t sure if that’s truly the case.

Once placed in the vehicle, deputies said Oliver then became irate and began kicking the passenger door. He was told to stop twice and on the third time a chemical spray was used.

When all was said and done, four deputies were all taken to the hospital for treatment.

A vehicle in the parking lot was also reportedly damaged.

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