Millington, Lakeland students head back to school Monday


SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The first students in Shelby County went back to school for the first time in more than five months.

Millington students lined up six feet apart as they went inside Monday morning. Things will be a lot different this year, including the number of days they are actually in school.

“There he goes. He’s gone.”

It was a big day for Amy Hoskin as her son started his first day of high school. She couldn’t hold back tears.

“I feel good. I’m glad at least he gets the chance to have the feel of high school.”

She knows this will be anything but a typical year. Along with masks, her son will only be going to school two days a week. For the other three he’ll be learning from home.

“School won’t be the school of the old but it’s still going to be very effective and we are excited about starting,” said Milington High School Principal Mark Neal.

The school has placed lots of reminders to practice social distancing. Classes are also much smaller with desks farther apart.

Even will all the precautions, Sandra Flanagan said she’s still a little nervous about so many people together. However, she said her children will do better in the classroom.

Millington school officials said 57 percent of families chose the hybrid plan, while the rest opted for virtual learning five days a week.

Lakeland School System also started school on Monday.

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