The NewsChannel 3 Investigators continue to press for answers about the safety of local seniors and the spending of your tax dollars.

Ohio based, the Millennia Companies and its affiliated entities, own five taxpayer subsidized properties in Memphis including: Cavalier Court, Gospel Gardens, Hope Heights, Memphis Towers, and the soon to be sold Serenity Towers.

Lawyers for Serenity were back in front of Shelby County Environmental Court Judge Patrick Dandridge Tuesday who had questions of his own related to ongoing code violations at the senior high rise.

Serenity Towers faces new citation for safety concerns

Meanwhile, WREG’s investigation uncovered, there seem to be a lot of people waiting on answers from the company.
Serenity owners received nearly $1M on complex set to be sold: records

On November 1, 2023, shortly after a meeting of the Memphis Health Educational and Housing Facility Board, a WREG camera was rolling when Memphis Towers resident Joyce Warren and some of her neighbors pressed Millennia executive Arthur Krauer about safety concerns at their complex.

Records: Unpaid Bills Leave Serenity Towers Residents at Risk

Among many things, Warren yelled to Krauer, “Come on face us and tell the truth. Speak with us!”

‘What you running for?’: Tenants demand answers from Millennia Housing

However, Krauer didn’t speak to anyone. He bolted down the stairs.

The NewsChannel 3 Investigators walked down eleven flights of stairs, just trying to ask a few questions, Krauer never answered.

He disappeared.

It all started moments before that when frustrated and fed up Memphis Towers and Hope Heights residents stopped Krauer as he was being questioned by the WREG Investigators.

WREG approached Krauer after he wrapped his presentation with the Health Ed Board.

We were hoping to get some answers from the company taking your money every month.

WREG asked Krauer, “I wanted to get a little clarification on Serenity. Tell me about that?”

He replied, “If you have any questions on it, you need to contact media”

The NewsChannel 3 Investigators quickly explained to Krauer that we’d already sent an email to that address in September.

Krauer added, “I’ll make sure we get an answer for it.”

In an email dated September 1, 2023 NewsChannel 3 asked Millennia a range of questions about ongoing maintenance issues, complaints and funding at Serenity Towers. We also requested a sit down interview.

WREG is still waiting on those answers and so are others, including Ms. Warren, the Memphis Towers resident that followed Krauer and our cameras down the stairs.

Her first question to Millennia had come some 45 minutes earlier during the Health Ed Board’s meeting.

Warren asked, “What are they doing with the money that was supposed to be going into the building? That’s all we want to know. Why do we have to suffer?”

Warren and others from the Memphis Towers Tenants Union have been at the last several meetings, asking the board, which provides tax incentives to Millennia, to consider rolling them back.

Residents voice their frustrations with Memphis Towers

Problems at Millennia properties extend beyond Memphis

The NewsChannel 3 Investigators learned the Health Ed Board itself is waiting on Millennia to answer some important questions about its finances.

At that Nov. 1 meeting, Board Attorney Charles Carpenter said to Krauer, “Based on the records of the board, there are outstanding reports for the second quarter as well as the third quarter.”

Carpenter told WREG all companies with PILOTs must submit quarterly reports. He said Memphis Towers is missing two.

At the meeting Krauer responded, “I was unaware I will make sure those reports are filed immediately.”

While Krauer said he was ‘unaware’, Millennia’s top executives should have been, because board employee Stephanie Bryant said she sent the email requesting the documentation, four times to some of the companies top executives including Millennia’s Founder and CEO Frank Sinito is and his daughter Angelica who is Vice President.

At a certain point the NewsChannel 3 Investigators began copying Angelica Sinito on many of the emails we sent to Millennia and she did briefly respond to a few.

However, WREG still hasn’t received answers to many of our questions and Memphis Towers residents like Norris Cancellor say they’ve been left waiting too.

“They are unaccountable and they don’t do what they say they are supposed to do,” said Cancellor.

At last check those delinquent reports still haven’t been submitted to the Memphis Health Ed Board.

THDA revokes $23M bond for Serenity Towers owners

WREG sent Krauer several more emails to the address he requested we use and we still haven’t heard back.

The board meets again on December 1 and Millennia is slated to be on the agenda again.

The company has yet to provide specific details about the sale of Serenity Towers. The Department of Housing and Urban Development said it’s been listed with a broker for sale.