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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland held a Town Hall meeting Thursday night in Cordova to discuss everything from crime to potholes, but it was the Interim Police Director who took the spotlight.

Mike Rallings received a standing ovation at the meeting for how he handled the protests on the I-40 bridge Sunday night.

“Whatever comes up, we’re going to resolve it by the least intrusive means necessary,”said Rallings.

Rallings said MPD could very well be put to the test Friday morning, as there are reports of calls for a National Day of Rage over the unrest in our country.

The Day of Rage rumor has been spreading via social media as a way to demand change in society and police departments.

There is no central organizer, it appears to be more of a suggestion.

Ralling said his department is preparing, just in case.

“I want to give you some reassurance. We cancelled our days off Sunday night,” he said. “If you’re concerned, just stay at home. Treat it like a weather incident.”

There are reports of protests planned at Health Sciences Park and the corner of Poplar and Highland.

Rallings said extra resources are being brought in and they’ll be ready.

As far as recent protests, Rallings said he’s most encouraged by the positive support from citizens in the inner city and the suburbs.

“I think people are starting to realize the magnitude of what happened Sunday. No one got hurt. That was a very volatile situation, but I also want to give a stern warning, do not try it again.”

Rallings promised the city would be prepared with force to move anyone from the bridge, if necessary in the future.