Midtown neighborhood on edge after string of car break-ins

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - - North Willett Street is being targeted by thieves. At least five cars have been broken into within the last couple days. The method is pretty much the same each time. A front window on the vehicle is smashed for access.

In some cases, things like sunglasses, cash, and a checkbook were taken. In other cases, nothing was taken.

Nancy and John Stinchfield are very concerned. Their car was nearly broken into a couple days ago while they slept. It was parked right outside their bedroom window.

"They apparently were trying to break through the side window, the driver's side window with a screwdriver," Nancy Stinchfield says.

The thief damaged the window and the door but couldn't get in. John Stinchfield says it was a lucky break, especially since their car alarm never went off.

"It does make you want to be more vigilant and maybe put in more security... cameras and such," John Stinchfield says.

He says this is the second time in less than a year that something like this has happened. That's why the couple doesn't leave anything valuable inside their car.

Police are still searching for the suspects in this string of break-ins.

"There's a severe opioid crisis in America and it makes me wonder if some of these people may have a drug problem and are desperate for some kind of money some how," John Stinchfield says.

He and his wife hope the suspects are caught soon.

"We hope it doesn't continue," he says.

He plans on talking to police about getting a SkyCop camera put in the neighborhood.

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