Midtown haunted house opens with health rules in place


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friday was a frightful night in Midtown. The Wicked Ways haunted house opened up for the Halloween season.

Of course, this year, there are a number of health rules in place. Customers have to wear masks and must wait by their cars until it’s their turn to go into the haunted house on Cumberland Street. No groups larger than six are allowed in and all groups are spread far apart from each other so they don’t run into each other. 

Additionally, all cast members are six feet apart from customers at all times. The cast members are separated from the customers by plexiglass or plastic wrap barriers.

WREG talked with one family that really enjoyed the experience and felt safe.

“And it was really scary. Like at some points they would have stuff that poofed right at you and they would do it two, three times in a row. So, you think you’re good, you’re not,” family members said, “They did really great about separating everybody. You already want that anyway when you go into a haunt. You don’t want to be up on everyone.”

Joseph Blossman is the marketing manager for Wicked Ways. He says they also cut the number of cast members they usually have in half for health reasons.

“It’s a weird time,” he said, “I’m just glad that we’re able to get this up and running and glad that we’re going to be able to give Memphis that Halloween experience that everyone here loves.”

The haunted house is open every weekend through Halloween. Management is asking anyone who feels sick to please stay home.

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