Midtown apartment residents fed up with piling trash in dumpster

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People living in a Midtown apartment complex are dealing with a smelly and potentially dangerous eyesore. They turned to WREG’s Shay Arthur for help when they said their calls for help went unanswered.

Trash bag after trash bag covered with flies are overflowing from a dumpster just feet from an apartment complex off Court Avenue and North Watkins, and residents said they can’t get the assistance they need.

“This is an eyesore for this community, and it just doesn’t make sense,” one resident said. “This is a health hazard. It is so many bugs and rats coming out of here, it’s ridiculous.”

It’s not just trash that’s littering the area. There are other items that are being dumped, too, like couches and tires.

“It’s like this always,” said Damon Eddleman, who drives by the complex every day. “It’s just making the neighborhood look bad. They shouldn’t have to put up with stuff like this.”

“Repeatedly, we have called several times to have them come out here and pick this trash up,” a resident told WREG. “They know that this trash is out here, and they don’t care, but they want their rent money on time.”

Property records show the complex is owned by a company out of California, but everyone we spoke with said it’s managed by Revid Property Management.

WREG went to Revid’s office, and a receptionist wouldn’t talk about the issue, saying we needed to email an accounts director with the company. A property manager later sent the following statement:

“The property at 1400 Court has certainly been a challenge for some time now. I believe you will find most of the trash and debris picked up over behind the building and in adjacent areas. We are certainly hoping the owner of the building has plans for improvements to the building as that would certainly be appreciated by those in the surrounding areas. Our property manager had been and continues to be in touch with individuals from various county and city organizations about the properties and we hope that through that communication along with input from the owner improvements can be made.”

People at the complex said all they’re asking for is what they’re paying for, expecting the place to be safe and clean.

“There’s children out here, babies! This is totally unacceptable,” a resident said.

We also sent pictures of the mess to the city to see if there are any code violations. A spokesperson said they are looking into it, and we’ll let you know what we find out.

It looks like there is some change on the horizon. A city spokesperson told WREG that city code enforcement is issuing a notice of violation, giving the complex 48 hours, or two business days, to get the mess cleaned up.

If it’s not done by Tuesday, the complex will be cited and sent to environmental court. They’ve also reached out to the Shelby County Health Department to see if there are other violations.

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