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(Memphis) Students at Colonial Middle school have spent the last few weeks learning about the growing problem in Mid-South and around the world.

“This is a neighborhood and the truck and the girl,” said Joshua Harris who pointed to his artwork on sex trafficking. “It symbolizes that human trafficking can happen in your neighborhood.”

Middle school students spent the afternoon Monday putting last minute touches on their human trafficking art projects.

Its part of a lesson they’ve been learning for the last few weeks.

“Its been an amazing experience knowing that you have to be mindful of what’s going on around you,” said the eight grader.

While it may be considered controversial, the students who are only 12-14 years-old will see their art be displayed tonight.

“I’m very impressed,” said Jennifer Shiberou, the CAPA art teacher. “They approached this topic with such maturity for their age level and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.”

The goal is to show the dangers of sex trafficking including prostitution. Shiberou let the students pick the topic and it’s not the first time her art class took on a subject you may think is unusual for middle school students.

Last year they studied the danger of drugs and two years ago it was genocide.

“I think its appropriate for middle school because if you look at the statistics of human trafficking the majority of people that get pulled in are between the ages of 12 to 14 and thats the exact same age these students are now.”

Shiberou hopes a creative project like this will stay with them for the rest of their lives, “I hope that students take away that they can make a difference in their daily life choices to stand up to injustices.”

The exhibit starts at 6:00 Monday night in the lobby at Colonial Middle School.