Mid-South Lawmakers Debate Change In The President’s Second Term

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(Memphis) The issue of change in a second term for President Barack Obama is debated during election night coverage on news channel three.

Otis Sanford is a News Channel 3 political commentator.

"If Obama wins and it's going to be very narrow if he does, the mandate from the voters is going to be you're going to have to change some of the things you're doing."

But one day after the President's re-election, Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen admits the President does need to reach out more to the GOP, but he says Republicans must do their part, as well.

"There are differences on issues, but the President tried to come to the middle. The Republicans are the ones who need to come to the middle. Too much blame has been placed on this president," Cohen said.    

As the President was re-elected, Republicans once again gained control of Congress.       

Republican Congressman Stephen Fincher of Tennessee says change is needed for Congress within boundaries, "What we have to be able to do is sit down and have a detail conversation about moving forward, but it doesn't mean we sell out our core principles, it doesn't mean we give up things we think are going to move the country going forward."

But no one sees a honeymoon in Washington, especially as the President and Congress prepare to tackle tax cuts and across the board spending.

"He's(President Obama) got to be more engaged with Congress and I think he's got to take his message to the people. He's got to be willing to work with Republicans," Cohen said.

Fincher said he'd like to see more cooperation, but he said, "I hope the president is willing and if he is the country will benefit and if he's not the country will have four more years of not a very pleasant situation," Fincher said.

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