Note: The number of victims has increased since an earlier version of this story was published, according to police.

CLARKSDALE, Miss. (WREG) — It was an extremely violent Sunday morning in this Delta town of 14,000 as Clarksdale Police say they responded to the local hospital and found 14 people shot.

It’s believed the shootings stemmed from an altercation following a concert in downtown Clarksdale and ended at three separate crime scenes. Federal agents are now aiding the investigation.

► VIDEO shows the moment shots rang out on Delta Avenue

A male was shot in the buttocks on West Second Street in a drive-by, and a female was shot in the leg on Florence while sitting in her vehicle. Police say those two victims were part of the incident on Delta Street.

Two other victims from Delta Street went to area hospitals. Only one female remained hospitalized Monday afternoon.

A representative with Delta Health Northwest Regional told WREG twelve people were treated at Northwest MS Regional Medical Center. Seven of those people were discharged, and two people were transferred to another facility for a higher level of care.

“It’s something that shouldn’t happen anywhere, especially here,” said Robert Franklin, who was working early Sunday at a law firm on Delta Avenue and heard a commotion outside around 3:30.

“There seemed to be some type of disagreement, and then I heard someone say, ‘What’s up, what’s up?’ and then a bunch of shots went off,” he said.

Clarksdale Police say that the disagreement started after a concert at the Clarksdale Civic Auditorium and spilled over onto Delta Avenue.

Franklin says Delta Avenue, where folks go to hear the Blues, sounded like a war zone.

“It was just a few at first, and then further down the street behind me, multiple shots going off. Just one after the other, like rapid fire,” he said.

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Clarksdale Police said they are putting more officers on the streets, and the Coahoma County Sheriff’s Office is stepping up patrols to protect the public. MBI and ATF also are investigating. 

Police said to be prepared for possible retaliation as it is believed these shootings are gang-related.