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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —  When afternoon temperatures surge to near 100° and we don’t cool down much overnight, our energy grid works overtime.

The more energy used, the higher your energy bill.

Here are a few tips from the Tennessee Valley Authority that can help you reduce the strain on your wallet during a heatwave. 

“Your biggest appliance that uses energy is your air conditioner. So if you could turn that up just a degree or two, each degree you can save up to 3% on your power bill,” said Scott Fiedler, TVA Spokesperson.

When you turn the thermostat up a few degrees can also mean energy savings. 

“The key is during the highest peak low that the day is usually from about 1pm to about 6pm. So if you can do that, during those those, that period of time, it could really help not only you save money, but the system in general,” said Fiedler.

Many of TVA’s energy-saving tips require little work on your end. 

“Another tip is just close the curtains or blinds on the south facing windows, the goal is to keep that heat reflected out and not come into your house,” he added.

Keeping up with HVAC maintenance can also help you save.

“Another thing that you could do is change your air filter on your furnace, that airflow is critical to keeping your home cool, and you don’t want to impede it,” Fiedler said.

If you’re having difficulty paying for your energy bills, help is out there. You can go to Energy Right’s website at this link to learn more about utility bill assistance programs.

TVA also energy workshops and home energy evaluations and inspections that can help you save money on your energy bills and keep your home comfortable.