TRUMANN, Ark.– With less than six hours until Christmas, many are counting down the moments to be surrounded by loved ones. Meanwhile, our neighbors to our northwest in Arkansas are still recovering from the tornadoes from two weeks ago.

Decades of memories were wiped away in matter of minutes by an EF-2 tornado that left behind a trail of destruction, forcing many like Don Orr and his parents to rebuild.

“It blew away their garage, a two-car garage, took the top of the roof of the top of the house off and it broken blow down all of their trees,” Orr said. “It’s amazing to come into town and think wow, this is where I live 40 something years.”

While Christmas may look different for some in Trumann, the holiday tradition will continue for the Orr’s, damaged home and all.

“My three sisters and me and my wife and my son and my grandkids all of us will come have Christmas here just like we’ve always done in the past, but there’s a lot of people here that aren’t gonna have that,” he said.

Relief is on the way for Arkansans after President Biden approved a major disaster declaration, which will bring federal resources to five counties including Poinsett where Trumann is located.

Despite Robert Drake‘s street being ravaged by the tornado, his optimism remains on this Christmas Eve.

“Well, the neighborhoods have been hit pretty hard and everything is gone I think it’s all gonna come back,” he said. “This is just a setback is something that happened can’t change it. All we can do is just move forward, clean up.”