MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A mental health counselor in Jackson, Tenn. was disciplined by the state after admitting to having sexual and otherwise inappropriate relationships with clients.

Garren Carter allegedly had sexual relationships with three of his clients, and used a therapy involving hitting some with shaving cream pies, according to documents filed with the State of Tennessee Department of Health.

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Allegations according to the document were:

Client #1:  Six-month sexual relationship with client.

Client #2:  Client had aversion therapy for drinking. Treatment started with counselor hitting client with a pie if she had been drinking and progressed to inappropriate videoing. Had sexual relationship for several months.

Client #3:  Client 2 referred client 3 to counselor.  No sexual relationship, but there was aversion therapy involving shaving cream pies and “rubbing the shaving cream around on her clothed butt”.

Client #4:  Sexual relations on “several occasions” 

Carter agreed to surrender his license in the state of Tennessee. That has the same effect as a revocation. He was also penalized $4,000.