NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A bill to enact stronger transparency rules on ticket resales only needs one more approval before heading to the governor’s desk.

SB1043 by Sen. Heidi Campbell (D—Nashville) passed in the Tennessee Senate unanimously Monday afternoon. It now only needs passage in the House before it heads to Gov. Bill Lee for his signature.

The bill requires a third-party ticket reseller, ticket broker, ticket issuer or ticket resale website to “disclose the total cost of a ticket, including all ancillary fees and service charges…prior to the ticket being selected for purchase.” The bill also requires the fee information to be disclosed “in a clear an conspicuous manner” as well as in whole dollar amounts. If the ticket is sold through a ticket website, the information “must be displayed in the ticket listing prior to the ticket being selected for purchase.”

Additionally, the information disclosed would be prohibited to be “false or misleading,” and the final cost of the ticket cannot be increased after a consumer has selected that ticket for purchase, minus “reasonable fees” for delivery of tickets through non-electronic means.

The bill initially prohibited ticket resellers from holding back or reserving more than 45% of tickets for resale, but an amendment adopted Monday struck that provision from the bill.

The companion legislation is brought in the House by Rep. Caleb Hemmer (D—Nashville).