DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Some counties in Mississippi are reporting the highest numbers of COVID cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Panola County, Mississippi saw a 1,000% increase from two weeks ago, with a daily average now at 75 cases.

Desoto County is also seeing a significant increase in cases.

A graph from the New York Times shows the number of cases shot up higher than at any point in the pandemic. Hospitalizations also rose 130% from two weeks ago.

However, overall deaths are staying low, with eight reported in the last two weeks.

The Times reported at least one in five people in Desoto County have been infected with COVID.

It is important to note that the state was not administering COVID testing the weekend of Christmas and New Year’s Day, which plays a part in the increase of cases reported.

Doctors suggest the best way to protect yourself is by getting vaccinated because, they say, even if you do get sick, your chances of being seriously hospitalized with COVID are significantly lower.

About half of all people in Mississippi are fully vaccinated, with around 56% having at least one shot.