MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A Southaven family is mourning the loss of Keon Kirk Jr., who was killed in a double shooting last week.

The teenager was gunned down just a few days after graduating from High School.

“He was going to be an RN and further his education and be an LPN,” said Debraca Quinn, Kirk’s mother. “They took my world.”

Southaven Police arrested three people in connection to Kirk’s death. They are facing multiple charges, including capital murder. Desoto County’s District Attorney Bob Morris is pushing for the maximum sentence.

“The tragedy was that these three individuals thought this was a good thing to do in Desoto county and what my job is now into the future is to make sure the next time someone thinks about doing that they stop,” Morris said.

Meanwhile, time continues to stand still as a family is left to process the death of Keon Kirk Jr.

“I wake up and look around. I doze back off, that’s my routine. I’m a mother,” Quinn said. “Now, I’m looking around, what I’m looking around for now? He’s not there. I don’t wish death on nobody. Their momma can go see theirs, were mine?”

Investigators say it’s possible additional people could be charged.

If you would like to help with funeral expenses, you can visit his GoFundME page.