MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Salvation Army and volunteers prepare to give away meals to victims affected by Friday’s tornado outbreak in the Mid-South.

Sunday morning Majors Mark and Lorie Hunter along with volunteers prepared meals to take to Wynne Arkansas.

“Right after the threat is gone then we move and assess the situation and start looking at what the need is,” Major Hunter said. “Our responsibility is mass feeding and emotional spiritual care. So that is where we go into action.”

Donna Turner, Covington Police Chief, says the multi-agency coordinated emergency response in West Tennessee responds quickly due to previously formed relationships.

“We don’t have to call them they are just already on the way whenever they know,” Police Chief Tuner said. “And then they are also ready to do whatever needs to be done if it is directing traffic if it is making food, whatever that is.”

Survivors like Marsha Holland says every storm has a blessing and silver lining. “Sometimes that is what the lord do to have us work together,” Holland said. “To make us come together and communicate, we got to do what we got to do.”

Covington’s Mayor Jan Hensley and Governor Bill Lee said they are grateful for the giving spirit of Tennesseans.

“That’s the part that gets ya, how good people are to come out. donate, donate their time their money their goods,” Mayor Hensley said. “They are not looking for their name to be put out there they just want to help.”

“There has been a tremendous turnout from volunteers and churches and individuals that we have seen here on the ground, helping their neighbors and helping their neighbors,” Governor Lee said.

WREG is partnering with The Salvation Army to provide relief for the storm victims in the Mid-South. You can scan the Q-R code below to make donations now.