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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Selecting a name can be a difficult decision for parents-to-be, especially when coming to the decision on whether to brainstorm a unique name or to name an infant a classic name that has withstood the test of time. has made the decision easier for parents in the Volunteer State by releasing a list of the top predicted baby names in Tennessee for 2022. The list was curated based on Social Security Administration data regarding births in recent years combined with user interest. 

Predicted Top 2022 Boy Names for Tennessee 

  1. Liam 
  1. William  
  1. Noah 
  1. James 
  1. Elijah 
  1. Oliver 
  1. Henry  
  1. Wyatt 
  1. Asher 
  1. Levi  

According to, data shows that boy names Wyatt, Asher, and Levi are baby names that are most unique to the state of Tennessee since they are not included in the national top 10 boy names.

Predicted Top 2022 Girl Names for Tennessee 

  1. Olivia  
  1. Ava 
  1. Amelia 
  1. Emma 
  1. Charlotte 
  1. Harper 
  1. Eveyln  
  1. Willow 
  1. Sophia 
  1. Elizabeth  

Girl names Harper, Willow, and Elizabeth are unique to Tennessee because they were included in the state’s top 10 but are not included on the national list, according to

A list of Tennessee’s top 50 boy and girl names in the past five years can be found here