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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The lawyer of the man charged with the murder of missing University of Mississippi student, Jimmie “Jay” Lee is proclaiming his client, Sheldon Herrington Jr., to be innocent.

Herrington is being represented by prominent Mississippi attorney Carlos Moore, who happens to be a relative.

Moore is calling for more transparency with the investigation and told WREG that he believes his client could be vindicated.

“If the person is dead, I hope they find the real killer, because they don’t have the person,” Moore said.

Sheldon Herrington Jr.

Herrington, 22, is a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi and has been charged with the murder of Lee, who is also a recent graduate of the college.

Oxford Police have not said how they came to the conclusion that Herrington is a suspect in the case.

Prior to the announcement of the arrest, OPD brought in local and national agencies to assist with the case. Investigators said they also issued dozens of search warrants on physical and digital properties.

Lee’s body has yet to be discovered.

Moore confirmed with WREG that Herrington and Lee likely knew each other. He also said he has several questions about the investigation.

“There is no body, there is no weapon, there is no blood,” Moore said. “How do we know there has been a murder committed? There is nobody there. There is no gunshots heard. I mean, nobody has seen a struggle or heard of a struggle. How do we know someone is dead, and how do they know that Timothy Herrington did it? I’m just baffled.”

Moore was previously married to Herrington’s aunt for 20 years and said he considers him as his nephew. Moore says he can vouch for Herrington’s character.

“I’ll be a zealous advocate cause I know, in my heart,  he did not commit murder,” Moore said. “I know the type of young man he is. He does not have it in him to kill anyone. We gone vigorously defend him cause we believe he is innocent.”

Herrington is currently being held without bond and is set to have a hearing next week.