MASON, Tenn. — A crew took the first step Monday towards replacing one of Mason, Tennessee’s failing water pumps, meaning water pressure will soon return to normal on a regular basis.

There was the welcomed sound of progress at the town’s water pumping station Monday morning, the first step in restoring a dependable source of water to the Tipton County community.

“Around 8:30, we have a company come and take the old pumps, and within two or three days, we get new pumps, so we almost finished with our problem,” said Mason Mayor Eddie Noeman.

Noeman said nearly $2 million from the state will go toward renovating Mason’s antiquated water system, which has been unable to provide enough pressure on a regular basis to fill the town’s water tank.

Mason residents have faced serious water issues for years, and it’s a problem they are tired of dealing with.

“We pay our water bills every month, at least I do, so I just to make sure that I’m getting what I’m paying for, you know,” said resident Amanda Johnson.

James Grimm bought an expensive water filter so his rescued animals can have clean water, but Grimm still won’t drink it what comes out of his faucet.

“The only thing we use the water for now is for washing dishes and bathing and washing clothes,” he said.

Mayor Noeman is confident that after the pump is repaired in the next few days and the town’s three water wells are brought back on line, the water will flow freely, and the public’s faith in the mayor’s office will be restored.

“A lot of people support me, and some people disagree about it, but this is the nature of the business. But at the end of the day, we working for the public, and we try to do the right thing,” Noeman said.

Noeman said the town has contracted with Missouri based Alliance Water Resources to manage Mason’s water and utility system starting October 16. He also said Alliance has a good reputation and believes “our system is in good hands.”