MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Parents say fights are becoming all too common at Wonder Junior High School in West Memphis.

WREG spoke with one frustrated mother who told us what she believes officials need to do. 

“I am withdrawing my daughter from this school because it is too much going on,” she said.

The mother does not want to be identified, but she believes a vicious fight could have been avoided if the school administration had listened. 

“I got a call from my daughter saying she was about to get jumped,” she said. “She called me crying. I came up here and talked to the principal. Nothing was done about it. The next day I got a call around 9 a.m. saying my daughter was fighting.”

She says her daughter was suspended for 10 days after the fight.

The brawl, recorded by other students, occurred during school hours in a classroom. “School is a place the kids come to learn something not to come fight,” she said.  

But what really bothers this mother is how the teacher broke up the brawl. “He pushed her too hard where she really could have had some type of damage or hurt herself. And they still haven’t done anything about it. I have done a report.”

Parents say this is not the first fight on campus this year. Several we spoke with claim fights are happening every day.

Wonder Junior High and East Junior High merged this year and moved into a new building. Parents say that’s when the fighting became a bigger problem. 

“They really shouldn’t have combined Wonder and East. They should have left it how it was because East is on the North side and Wonder is on the South side. Those kids do not get along at all,” said a parent.

This mother believes it’s going to take several board meetings to come up with a plan to combat the fighting. “They need to get to the bottom of it.”

We have reached out to West Memphis School District to comment on the situation but we are still working on getting a response.