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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It could be just about anything.

“A rebate or a refund, maybe a day’s worth of lost wages, a military medal or decoration,” Shelli King said. “The largest claim that we’ve ever returned was a $1.2 million stock option.”

King runs communications for the Tennessee Department of Treasury, which has over a billion dollars in Unclaimed Property.

“Right now, the state has more than $1.2 billion to be claimed,” King said.

Unclaimed Property is a program within the Tennessee Dept. of Treasury. It holds onto money turned over by the state from businesses or organizations who couldn’t find who it belonged to.

“In the last fiscal year, the Treasury returned more than 50,000 pieces of unclaimed property, and that equated to about $57 million,” King said.

The division sent News 2’s Chris O’Brien the list of people just in Davidson County who are owed at least $5,000. It was 122 pages long and showed over $13 million available.

“Last year, we returned $57 million, but $125 million was turned in by businesses in Tennessee,” King said.

A little quick math means that $68 million rolled over to this year from last year alone. Money from stocks, bank accounts, wills – just about anything goes.

“It is as diverse as businesses are in Tennessee,” King said. “It really is. So, there could be anything from a rebate you didn’t cash to a safe deposit box.”

It doesn’t take much to check, just go to the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property website and check your name.

Through this process, we actually found out that WKRN is owed about $3,000, dating back to when Young Broadcasting owned our station. That was, at the very latest, 2013.

Employees of the treasury department have also been traveling around to different events to help walk people through the unclaimed property.

Their next stop will be in Chester County at the Barbecue Festival in Henderson.