LOUISVILLE, Miss. (AP) — One person has died and five people are injured following a shooting Sunday afternoon in front of a grocery store in Louisville, Mississippi.

Winston County Deputy Coroner Blake Sheets identified the deceased victim as Devonte McMillian, 23, of Louisville, who was pronounced dead at a Jackson hospital, WTVA-TV reported.

In addition to McMillian, two other people were airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Three people were treated elsewhere for less severe injuries. Louisville is located about 95 miles (153 kilometers) northeast of Jackson, Mississippi’s capital.

Louisville Police Chief Sean Holdiness told WCBI-TV that the shooting may have involved multiple suspects, some of whom are believed to be minors. At least one person was in custody Sunday evening.

In a statement posted to social media, Louisville Mayor Will Hill said law enforcement will continue investigating the incident.

“Today’s tragedy due to gun violence fills me, as I am sure you, with many emotions,” Hill wrote. “We as a community have grown weary of the repeated concerns and effects of gun violence, especially its impact on our youth.”