SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — It has been a week since Brown Missionary Baptist Church received terroristic threats, and new details about the incident are still being discovered.

Southaven Police responded to a terroristic call at the church on June 15. An employee of the church told officers she received a phone call at 11:45 a.m. from an unknown person who said, “Can you hear me? There will be a shooting at Brown Baptist Church at 1300.” The employee said the caller appeared to be a man disguising his voice.

Officers locked down the church when they arrived. According to court documents, there were around a total of 243 staff members and children at the church. Officers escorted all members to the gym inside of the church.

When detectives and officers tried to trace the phone number, it was traced back to a Text Now app with an account returning to Quincy Higgins.

According to court documents, the church’s security told officers that Higgins was a contracted cleaner at the church and was currently in the gym with the members.

Brown Missionary Baptist Church said in a statement:

Brown Missionary Baptist Church contracted a Memphis-area staffing agency to provide additional capacity for the church’s internal cleaning crew. The suspect was sent to Brown by the temp agency and was not an employee of the church.

Officers approached Higgins and asked him if he had a Text Now app. Higgins denied having the app and gave officers permission to search his phone, police said. When Higgins unlocked the phone, officers immediately found the app.

He had an arrest warrant for contempt of court and was taken to Southaven Police Department.

Higgins was charged with terroristic threats. He appeared in court Wednesday morning and is scheduled to be back in court next month.