EADS, Tenn.– A man claims a dispute over 36 inches of land where a fence is supposed to go led to his neighbor shooting at his home in a quiet Eads community.

74-year-old Gary Blaylock told WREG those inches are an important part of his two-acre lot, but seemingly just as important to his neighbor’s nine-acre piece of property.

“It’s 21 inches back there well up here it’s about 22 and a half inches,” said Blaylock. “I called code enforcement trying to figure out what to do about establishing the border.”

Blaylock said his neighbor hired surveyors who told Blaylock his property actually extended three feet into his neighbor’s yard.

However, he now claims the neighbors are not following the survey and claims they’ve “staked out” a fence that creeps a few inches onto his property.

“Code enforcement put a stop work order on the job. Well that made him extremely mad,” said Blaylock.

In fact, Blaylock claims it made his neighbor so mad that he later noticed a bullet hole in his wall Monday afternoon.

“To me, it looks like they held it right up here fired it and it went through here,” said Blaylock.

He called Shelby County deputies and told them he believes his next-door neighbor fired the shot.

“If it would have went through the wall and hit me it could have killed me,” he added. “I live by myself. I could have laid there by myself if I was injured and died.”

Investigators couldn’t prove where the alleged bullet came from and Blaylock doesn’t have surveillance cameras. But he admits he calls deputies a lot claiming the neighbors frequently shoot out there. He also claims a few months ago a stray bullet hit his home.

We tried to speak with the neighbors about the allegations. They said they had no comment, threatened legal action against uS, and said they’d had already talked with police.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the matter. They have yet to say if any charges will be filed.