KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Knoxville Police Department is seeking to return a tombstone found earlier this year to its rightful resting place or with the family of the deceased.

The name inscribed on the stone is Mae Tipton Spurgeon, who is listed with a birthdate of Jan. 2, 1896, and a death date of Nov. 3, 1941.

Knoxville Police Department’s Property Management personnel are asking the public for help returning the tombstone found in May 2022, at 3515 North Broadway. That’s where First Creek crosses North Broadway, near Emoriland Boulevard.

“It is our hope to return this grave marker to a family member or the cemetery where Mae was buried,” the department said.

Picture of a tombstone that police are searching to return. The inscription on the stone reads "Mae Tipton Spurgeon, Born January 2, 1896, died November 3, 1941."
The Tombstone that the Knoxville Police Department is looking to return. (KPD)

A spokesman for Knoxville Police said there were no reports of stolen tombstones at the time it was found. It is unknown where Mae Spurgeon’s tombstone belongs.

Knoxville Police urge anyone with information that could help the Property Management Unit find where the gravestone belongs should call the Unit at 865-215-7219.