ALAMO, Tenn. — There is concern and fear among many in Alamo, Tennessee after a series of home invasions in which the same suspect appears to be targeting women who are alone or with children.

In the the latest incident, on May 27, a female was sexually assaulted. People in the small Crockett County town are, understandably, on edge.

Police and Crockett County Deputies have stepped up patrols, especially in the west part of town where three home invasions have taken place. The TBI is also involved.

Alamo Police Chief Jeff Sills says on May 8, occupants of a home awoke to an intruder, but the suspect fled.

Also on May 8 at a different address, there reportedly was an altercation occurred between the intruder and a female victim.

Then May 27, a female was sexually assaulted.

It is believed all the incidents involve the same suspect. So far the description is a male dressed in all black with a mask on.

“We’re trying to expedite and speed up the DNA evidence or any evidence submitted to the crime lab as quickly as possible,” Sills said.

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Sills says the suspect appears to be manipulating door locks to enter homes. He’s urging the public to be vigilant and protect themselves by any means necessary.

“You have a unknown suspect that’s out here committing violent crimes. They have a right to defend their self,” Sills said.

Chief Sills says residents in Alamo and Crockett County should not hesitate to call 911.