OSCEOLA, Ark. — Flooded fields along with flooded fears remain in and around parts of Arkansas following a powerful storm Friday.

Hailstones around the size of golf balls also left their mark.

An associate at the Osceola Walmart along West Keiser told WREG it is unclear if the hail was entirely to blame for the damage done from the skylights that are now covered with plastic to makeshift tarps draped over merchandise throughout the store.

Jessica Williams, who lives a few miles away in Keiser, was quickly followed by the rest of her family as they sheltered in place.

“The wind started blowing, and the hail started hitting the window and I said, ‘Oh no, I’m going to the bathroom,'” Williams said.

The bathroom is exactly where David Williams felt comfortable taking his two-year-old daughter.

“I wasn’t worried about myself,” he said. “I was worried about her.”

It was not only what the Williams family could see but also what they heard as the hail was beating against their tin roof.

“Like popcorn popping,” Rebecca Williams said. “Like rocks and everything. Oh man, it was lightning really bad, and the wind was picking up really bad. It was bad.”

Those in and around the area said they are counting their blessings the day after the storm pushed through. Unfortunately, they are not counting on things drying out considering that more rain is on the horizon.

There is even a fowl forecast pointing to more showers as some birds have ingrained ability to predict pop-up storms before they happen, and more rain will only lead to more flooding.

Osceola, Arkansas police said there were no injuries.