NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An East Nashville teacher is calling on all Tennessee teachers to meet at the Tennessee State Capitol on Thursday.  

A protest for gun reform is planned on Capitol Hill at 8 a.m. ahead of the legislative session.

“Last week’s event just really hit too close to home. Something has got to change,” Lucy Grunkemeyer, a first-grade teacher in East Nashville said.  

Nashville is still grieving from Monday’s tragedy after a shooting at The Covenant School left six people, including three children, dead. Tennesseans are now demanding change.   

“We need to start with gun laws. They need to be more stringent. We need to have background checks; we need red flag laws,” Grunkemeyer said. “I’m thinking tactically almost as I’m going to war, instead of just focusing on my job which is teaching academics.”

Lucy organized a rally of teachers across Tennessee to protest at the Capitol.   

On Wednesday in the House Education Admin Committee, protestors opposed a bill that would allow teachers to carry guns.    

“I’m a teacher, not a police officer,” Grunkemeyer said.  

 Grunkemeyer also stressed the importance of lawmakers hearing from teachers.

“I think many of us understand that it is very dire and that it is worth taking a day and coming down to join forces with students and community members,” she said.